Since we completed this project a few years ago, it has become a South Bay celebrity. The San Jose Mercury News based an article on entertaining with homemade pizza on this garden, and HGTV included it in a show entitled The Ten Most Awesome Outdoor Kitchens in America. Although we found the television show less than awesome, we were delighted to revisit the garden. Thanks to the commitment of the owners, the garden has developed beautifully, while the hardscape has begun to weather and soften, giving the garden a patina reminiscent of Italian country houses. A chipped corner or unexpected blemish in a garden like this becomes endearing... Leave the chip where it fell, and enjoy!

Design director: Chris Jacobson
Landscape architect: Michael Bliss
Architect: Scheinholtz Associates
Landscape contractor: South Bay Landscape
Pools, spa raised rills and retaining walls: Aquatic Technology