Our client had just purchased this craftsman style residence in Portola Valley, and we were called in after the original plans for the landscape turned out to be un-buildable, for reasons of cost and practicality. We chose a very simple approach in the front entry, using the existing birch trees to shade and anchor the space, and added a “no-mow" fescue ground cover instead of the traditional mown lawn. Near the entry walkway (which remained from the previous landscape), we made a disappearing water feature from stacked stone, and then scattered antique carved stone and ceramic artifacts from The Richard Gervais Collection around the garden. As a final touch, the stone left over from our construction was used to create an ornamental stacked stone wall at the end of the drive, which protects the grass from traffic.

Landscape design and project management: Chris Jacobson
Landscape contractor: Rafael Gomez
Antique artifacts: Richard Gervaise Collection