This project offered a rare opportunity: to get rid of two old and useless front lawns at the same time. If you look carefully at the image to the right of this text, you can see that the garden in front simply fades into its neighbor. In both gardens, low-water-using ornamental grasses are used instead of lawn, creating the appearance of an open meadow. The foreground garden was completely new, while the background garden was simply replanted. In the rear of the garden is a remodeled landscape around an existing pool. Old and new were brought together with the use of color and by the recurring use of rocks and artifacts that lend a slightly Asian feel to the garden. By pouring a new paving over the old front entry porch, we were able to bring the new terrace and water garden up to floor height, a great asset for those who wish to grow old in their own homes. The owner of this garden has lived here since the house was new, and claims her life has changed since the garden was installed: "My street has come alive. Neighbors pass by and chat in a way they never did before. It is a catalyst and I love it."

Landscape design and supervision: Chris Jacobson
Landscape installation: Cris Torres