This was an existing garden in need of a new look. An older deck and spa at the side of the building was failing and needed to be rebuilt, but the owners wanted there to be more of a central destination for the overly complicated series of decks and walkways. By adding the stone retaining walls, we were able to seat the new pavilion and deck in the center of the garden, rather than off to the side as before. This allowed for better access to both the existing pool and the main living areas of the house. Although we had originally wanted an enclosed dinning area, by the time city and county regulations were navigated, the end result was this open roofed structure. The final look of the project is deceptively simple and low key… as if it had come about quite effortlessly. Although it’s not true, we like that it appears so.

Landscape design: Chris Jacobson
Landscape architect: Michael Bliss
Landscape contractor: Ken Matsuda